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Playful, Game-Based, Creative, 21st Century Learning

Are you a school teacher or an educator in another learning space, interested in enriching your teaching practices with play, games, and creativity? The Play-Create-Learn Summer Academy 2018 is designed to be the right professional development experience for you. In a flexible, modular set of highly engaging interactive sessions, we want to inspire you to experiment with, and reflect on, aspects and uses of innovative playful and creative learning activities in classrooms and beyond, with an eye to addressing the needs of today's students as tomorrow's citizens in the 'brave new world' of the 21st century. We will support you to adapt the training to your own interests and teaching realities, giving you a selection of practical case studies to choose from in order to build your path to playful and creative teaching practice.

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Designed for school teachers and other educators who are interested in enriching their teaching practices with play, games, and creativity.


The Play-Create-Learn Summer Academy 2018 is a highly engaging, interactive, and personalised professional development experience.


To ensure the proper preparation for the training course this website will act as a main hub of communication.


As members of the Play-Create-Learn community participants will have access to support provided by the training team.

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You can reach the village of Marathon and the school’s venue, Golden Coast Hotel & Bungalows from the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

  • by our chartered bus. Specific information will be announced soon.
  • by taxi. The trip takes about 35  minutes and the price is approximately 40-50 Euros  (depends on extra charges for night shift etc).
  • by public suburban bus  at the hotel’s main gate direct connection. Public orange buses (KTEL) depart from SOFITEL HOTEL in the AIRPORT

Lunch and dinner are offered in a seated buffet in a reserved area for the Play-Create-Learn Summer Schools 2018, which you will be shown upon arrival. If you miss the opening hours the restaurant/tavern of the hotel can offer you a selection of dishes, according to the all-inclusive policy of the hotel.

A brochure will be distributed describing analytically all services and regulations of the hotel's all inclusive policy, including free of charge sports, recreational activities, pool bar services and rates for activities or services that are not including in the free of charge services and activities (ex.scuba diving lessons etc that are hosted in the hotel premises).

For any special requests or complaints we kindly advise you to contact directly the hotel reception. If any issue remains unresolved then do not hesitate to inform the school organizers. We will do our best to assist and upgrade your stay in the hotel.

Sun bathing and tanning may be beneficial for your health nevertheless extensive stay under direct sun light may cause skin burns and sunstroke. It is strongly recommended to wear head cap and protect the uncovered skin of your body with sunscreen lotion. Please note that after 14.00 p.m. until 17.00 p.m you must take extra precautions once being outdoors (dressed lightly but covered drinking water and avoiding heavy lunches and extra alcoholic beverages). A sun burn soothing cream and a mosquito repellent spray can be found in the shops in the hotel premises or the airport and could be very helpful. The hotel's beach (Marathon Bay) is sandy, easy to walk and friendly for children. The waters are sparkling clear and pleasantly refreshing. There are a variety of swimming pools and places to relax in the hotel premises. It is advised to bring a light jacket or cardigan due to sea breeze at night long trousers and sneakers or loafers for safe sightseeing and walking outdoors.
Before outdoors activities according to weather conditions and type of activity you will be re-notified about outfit and other requirements.

In case of any sudden illness or other problems that need immediate medical treatment please contact the hotel reception and the contact person (representing the organizers) in the hotel premises. We have arranged so that you will be treated according to the incident that has occurred efficiently.

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